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Wuxi TengYu machinery & technology co.,Ltd

Wuxi TengYu machinery & technology co.,Ltd is a modern technology-based enterprise which integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service to produce rubber and plastics machinery. The company has a large number of CNC production equipment, complete process testing and testing equipment, complete quality assurance system and reliable quality assurance ability, has experienced and strong design ability of the engineering and technical team, can provide users with a variety of rubber and plastic machinery complete project equipment, non-standard special equipment design and manufacture, is a professional production mixer manufacturers, with many years. Production experience and technical advantages, price advantages! Welcome to Tengyu environmental protection to buy Rubber and plastic machinery, perfect after-sales, you can rest assured to buy!

The company is a large enterprise in the rubber and plastic machinery industry, with many years of mechanical manufacturing history. The company is a key export enterprise of rubber and plastics machinery industry in China, and has been awarded as an advanced export earning unit of rubber and plastics machinery industry for many times. The company is a leading enterprise in China's industrial industry, a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a private scientific and technological enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

The company mainly produces eight types of machinery and equipment suitable for rubber and plastic processing industry, including calender and auxiliary machine series, open mill series, mixer kneader series, drum vulcanizer series, rubber filter extruder series, inner tube joint machine series, wide film extrusion calender production line, reclaimed rubber production line equipment, etc.

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    Ten years of R&D experience, dual technical support at home and abroad

    We have perfect R&D test equipment and advanced production equipment.

    Our machinery market has a high performance-price ratio and won the praise of our customers.

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    Purchasing Source Guarantees Product Quality

    The original parts selected by the company are first-line brands at home and abroad.

    The product has passed the test of the market for several years and passed the strict inspection by the quality inspection department before it can be installed.

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    Really achieve the integration of production, sales and after-sales service

    The company's after-sales service has always been a cherished standard for enterprises

    Develop service to the first link of sales, each link has quality service control.

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